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Misconceptions About Dental Implants

Are you thinking about getting dental implant treatment but have been put off by horror stories or ‘facts’ you’ve read or heard about them?

Today we run you through five of the most common misconceptions you may have about dental implants, put them to rest, and explain how this restorative treatment can be used to help reinstate confidence in your smile.

1. They hurt!

One of the most common reasons people are dubious about dental implant treatment is because they think it will hurt. Local anesthesia ensures that the procedure is painless and whilst there may be some post-surgery pain, this can generally be aided with pain-killers. If you choose a skilled dentist to complete your dental implant treatment you should avoid any trauma, recovery will be quick and pain will be minimal.

Dental implant surgery doesn’t need to be painful – there are a few dentists in the UK, like this one, who offer IV sedation. Learn more.

2. They will look out of place in my mouth

Dental implant should be indistinguishable from your natural teeth. If you have met someone where this is not the case then it might be that they have not chosen a reputable dentist who can carry out the proper treatment planning and implant placement.

3. Implants are expensive

While the cost may seem expensive, if you consider your dental health in the future, implants are a cost-effective (and reliable) way to fix missing teeth. Leaving gaps may cause decay or damage to other teeth, which may be more costly to fix.

4. They can fail

When implants were first used the failure rate was high. However, nowadays, research and development have enabled scientists and dentists to understand why such failures occur and have developed both implants and techniques to improve their success rate, which is now 95%.

Read what this journal says about implant failure.

5. I will have to be without a tooth for ages

Some people believe they will need to be without a tooth while the implant is made. This is untrue as many dentists nowadays are able to fix a temporary tooth until your implant heals. In some cases, you can have your affected tooth, insert and implant and attach a temporary tooth all in one appointment. Learn how long it takes for a dental implant to heal here.

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